Hey- it’s COVID- 19 time. The coronavirus is here. Are you freaking out and trying to manage your new normal by avoiding your life through escaping type activities, like over eating, over eating, social media overload, or other behavior that helps you escape what is?

I hear you! But it’s time to put yourself on a COVID-19 information diet and reduce your information consumption and reduce your information overload. Fill up on at least an equal amount of uplifting stories and information that lightens your spirit, your mind, and feeds your soul.

I’ve seen so many people reach out and offer so much help during this time. From free yoga apps to free yoga sessions on FB or YouTube to additional podcasts and free art, dancing, and more. My heart is filled with the love this represents.

I too want to reach out now and offer you a way to get some help during this difficult time by offering a discount of 30% on my readings. This is valid through May 31st so grab your session and let’s get to a better feeling place together.

The coupon is called COVID19 and it’s for a 30% discount through May 31st. I love you and I want to help. Let’s do this.

Ready to invite the Sacred into your daily life? Trying to understand how to be more present when your life is loud? Looking for practical tips on habits and daily bite sized changes can upgrade your life?

I work with people who are tired of the soulless grind of modern life, people who are looking for a deeper connection with the Divine, the Sacred, and the Divine Feminine.

Schedule a Reading with me. Browse my blog. Grab some resources or links to other teachers who may blow your mind.

Remember to use the coupon: COVID19 and it’s for a 30% discount through May 31st.

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I wish you Joy and Love.

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