About me

Hi! I'm Kate

Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.

I know you’ve heard this before. It’s the title of many books, right?

But it’s true. And I want to help show you. I love my life, even when it’s messy and not going “right” and I want to help you love yours too.

This isn’t something that I said for a lot of my life but I’m so grateful to be living this life.

Most of my life I’ve been seeking the “answer” to help me reduce my unhappiness, what I often refer to in my writing as my suffering.

I’ve tried most ways to stop suffering, including overdrinking, overeating, traveling and seeking out new experiences, listening and trying out this program or that- every new program I could find- losing weight, eating Paleo, following this regime or that. Trying to fix my partner so I’ll feel better.  Sound familiar?

I’ve tried it all. But as they say, wherever I went, there I was. Nothing new was going to save me or fill this hole in my heart.

There is only Now. Enjoying this moment and the reality of my life. But how to get that place?

The Reality of My Life.

I was raised in a household where logic and science were exalted and intuition and other “touchy-feelies” were considered ludicrous and for the weak minded. This was difficult for me, as a strong empath who was constantly being bombarded with others’ emotions and intuitive information.

So I kept my reality to myself and eventually learned to suppress any bend towards an intuitive, empathic life.

I went to college, got my undergrad degree in Poli Sci, moved to DC from my home in California and made my way in the world. All I wanted was a job that paid me money. I never gave one thought to whether or not the job inspired me or not.  I was miserable in all of my jobs until I decided to quit my job and finish up my graduate degree in international relations.

I started to sense that travel, married with helping people, made me happy. I finished up my degree and joined the Peace Corps and lived in Benin in West Africa for 2.5 years.

Zoom through far too many years working in the corporate world, getting what I wanted through force of will and SO. MUCH. EFFORT.

The truth is that I am highly intuitive. I love the Divine. I don’t want to strive and push and push and push and control everything in my life. I want to allow. I want to surrender to the Mystery of life, to allow the Divine to work magic on me and through me.

But I kept self sabotaging. Again. And again and again.  Commit to a new path. Quit. Then I’d despair. Then I’d commit, quit, and despair. On and on until I started being afraid of even trying for the failing.

But now that I understand how not to listen to my primitive brain and I’m using intentional thinking to stay committed, I’ve gotten so much done. I’m able to honor my word and show up for myself.

I want to help others do that too. Mostly to first help others stop their suffering but also to build a big, beautiful life that allows you to love it, no matter what it looks like.

These days, we’re living in the time of COVID-19. It’s different. Stressful sometimes. I get it.

As for my family, we’re back in the US after spending a year traveling overseas. We spent 9 months in Bali and just over 2 months in France in 2019. I’m so glad we were already back in the US when the COVID-19 burst on the scene.

What This Business is About

My business is about seeing the sacred in every day life, being authentic and true and surrendering to the Divine in order to live a life that is in flow. I searched through all of the amazing teachers out there and I’ve learned so much from them. I am eternally grateful to each of them.

But none of my teachers quite had what I was looking for: a practical way to upgrade my life so that my life was infused with the sacred. What does surrendering to the Divine actually look like?

These days, I now work with clients who are looking to infuse sacredness into their daily life and to increase their access to the Divine and an intuitive life. I do this through my readings and my programs, which I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon.

But it’s important to understand your brain too. I want to live the woowoo life but I also needed a practical way to live in the world. Now that I understand so much better how to plan, commit, and succeed, I want to help you be happier too.

A bit more about me

In addition to remembering to surrender every day, and loving the Sacred, yoga is my jam. I love me my vinyasa and hatha and yin yoga.  Kale and bacon is the best breakfast ever. I eat paleo, I intermittently fast,. I tried vegetarianism and raw food lifestyles in the past. Paleo for me is the best way to eat.

My main preoccupations these days are about how to change my thinking to support me, how to be a calm and loving parent to my amazing kids,  reduce my plastic usage, how to slow down my life, consume less, love more, move more, and be present to every moment.


A big part of my life is my children. Here is an early photo of them. The cuteness!

So cute

Out on the town at 9 months.

Contact Kate

Contact me at kate [at] kate-allen [dot] com. Would love to hear from you.

Kate Allen, the author
Enjoying a visit to Chili's in Kuala Lumpur- a slice of Americana