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Written by Kate • August 31, 2010 •
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I’m working with Christine Kane right now, having just finished up the Uplevel Your Life (UYL) program and moving into the Uplevel Your Business program. In between the two courses, she created a five day video course that she’s calling Uplevel Your Productivity. I love this mini course and the whole concept behind it. As I mentioned yesterday, a day or a month or even a year can pass before you realize that so much time has passed between coming up with an idea and actually implementing it that you don’t realize how time passed. Take this blog, for instance. I started conceptualizing this blog in September 2009 but I didn’t actually create the site until July 2010. I didn’t work on it, day by day, until 10 months had passed.

In working with Christine Kane on UYL, she taught us about the basics of getting things done- chunk it up into small enough portions so that the task is not overwhelming and work on those tasks for a set amount of time for certain days of the week, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday; every week day, or even every day.  Then do it for say 30 minutes or 50 minutes each day you’re working on it.

What this does is get you used to conceptualizing, working and then completing a task, goal, idea.  This method gets you to done so that you can begin to get used to the feeling of completion, so that it becomes routine, or as she calls it, a habit. How intoxicating. How wonderful.

I’ve been using it to positive effect this week and have worked towards “accomplished” on a few tasks, tasks I have been putting off for months due to my perception that I just didn’t have the time to get them done.

So schedule the time, in even half hour increments a few days a week. Work the task in these small segments until it’s done. Don’t do more than that. Stick to your schedule to avoid overwhelm. Soon enough, it’s done. Take the next task. Schedule it. Follow your schedule. Rinse.  Repeat. That is success, done in half hour increments at a time.

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