Continuing on the First Chakra

Written by Kate • June 23, 2011 •
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Root Chakra- Image thanks to Rodessa4

Clarity Through Action

As I mentioned on Tuesday, as Marie Forleo likes to say, clarity comes from action, not learning. And if you’re anything like me, you read about the chakras but didn’t actually work on any of them the first time around. But getting clear: it’s in the doing, not the reading about doing.

So let’s continue taking another, deeper look at how to heal the root chakra. In Tuesday’s post, I created a 10 minute routine in which you can ground yourself with stillness and some serious self-love, through affirmations and movement. Here’s some additional work that you can use to ground yourself, especially when you’re feeling stressed and ungrounded. It doesn’t take any time at all in one sense but it takes commitment and self-awareness.

Honor Yourself

This may seem like a strange one but by telling the truth, facing what needs to be faced, we become more grounded. Lying, fibbing, and not honoring what we’re feeling lead to subtle but real “kinks” in our energy flow.  This is especially true about lying to ourselves.

So for one day only – try to tell the absolute truth for one day. This may require that you don’t say anything at all, in some situations.

  • Tell the truth in every situation. Are you eating because you’re hungry or because you’re upset? Tell yourself the truth. Do you want to go to that event or would you rather stay home in your jammies? Don’t commit to anything until you can tell yourself the truth.
  • Honor your commitments. If you’ve said you’ll do something, do it. This means eating well, or going to bed on time, or exercising like you said, or meditating like you said. By honoring your commitments, you can learn to trust yourself again.

Do you have any other methods by which you ground yourself? How have you healed your money or food or other basic necessity insecurities?

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