Intuition and God- just like your GPS

Written by Kate • March 4, 2020 •
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For so long I’ve heard about God and your intuition being likened to a GPS, that if you listen you’ll get turn by turn directions to your destination. It’s taken me so long to realize how true this is. [This is a great but not perfect analogy*] The reason it’s taken so long for me to see how accurate it is that I keep expecting constant input. And I’ve thought I need to know the destination before I can start the journey. In fact, God as a GPS does give you guidance: “Go right, go left. Keep going to straight.” But not until you need it. And you’ll likely never know your true destination.

For example, if you’re driving 150 miles on I95 (for you East Coasters) or I5 (for you West Coasters), you don’t get “keep going straight, keep going straight, keep going straight” for 150 miles. You get silence. You also don’t get “turn left in 150 miles at route 649” “turn left in 149 miles at route 649”. You get silence until just before route 649, and then you’ll know you’re supposed to turn left then. And then you get silence until just before your next turn. And you’ll keep getting silence when you’re on the right path (road).

*It’s a great analogy but it’s not perfect. It’s not perfect because you don’t actually know your destination so you can’t look at the turn by steps in advance and see exactly where you’re headed and which turns to take. No, you just turn it on and get the directions when needed.

Not knowing your destination is, as they say, a feature, not a bug. You’re not ready for many of the twists and turns required for your journey. Likely, if you knew the required changes in your life before starting out, you may not have started the journey. Instead, you get the information when it’s needed and not before. You’ll get what you need as make the effort, plug in, and keep going.

It’s important to understand that you don’t know your destination so you won’t be able to look ahead and see the step by step turns. You get all the information you need now. And either you take the information and direction given and act on it or you don’t. If you do, you’ll get both better at navigating by your intuition and you’ll likely have in a more peaceful and joyful life. If you get the information and direction but you don’t act on, the GPS will have to reconfigure the route based on your new location. And it’s likely if you don’t act on it, your life will be more chaotic, messy, and unfulfilling.

You won’t know your destination. You won’t get constant direction. Have the faith and courage to make the turn as directed. You’ll save yourself some pain and chaos by following the intuitive hits you get. You’ll learn to better recognize the input and you’ll get so much more courage to continue to follow the breadcrumbs, even though you don’t know the destination. Your life will be far more joyful if you do. Remember, you’re here for a reason. Why not find out what the Universe has in store for you? I love the Mystery of Life. I hope you’ll embrace it too.

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