Intuition is Real- the Moment When I Realized I Could Trust It

Written by Kate • March 5, 2020 •
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Although I’ve had lots of intuitive/psychic moments in my life that have made me go “wow” and sent chills along my spine and my skin, I was also raised in a household that made absolute fun of anything that wasn’t scientific and tangible. Anything that wasn’t provable through science was “hocus pocus” and nonsense. Cognitive dissonance springs to mind when I think on the days where I had intuitive moments all the time but didn’t trust myself enough to follow through on much of the guidance I received in my early days.

After many years of vacillating between thought paradigms of intuition is nonsense to intuition is real and can be trusted, I realized that no matter what- I WANT the Mystery. I want a life full of things I can’t explain, where life is far more mysterious and grand than a plodding world of science and observable facts. So I hired a coach to help me trust and expand on my intuition. At first she despaired of me about how much I was in my head. I could barely visualize something or use my imagination at the time. But I learned to drop into my body and out of my head and I got better and more adept at visualizing and following intuition.

I then enrolled in my mentor’s Intuition University, where ultimately I completely five 8-week modules on intuition, mediumship, and techniques with which to better access the Mystery. In the second to last module, we were doing some cold readings for people who called in. My mentor, Sara, would guide us through the initial input we’d get before the person called in. For example, Sara would say, “ok, next up is Beth who is asking about what career she should be pursuing”. And we would then plug into the Mystery and take notes on what images we received and how best to communicate what we saw when we spoke with Beth. Beth would then call in and we (the other students and I) would go round robin and tell Beth what we saw.

We never really got feedback from the callers and I didn’t have much positive (or negative) feedback for the recipient. Just practice practice practice with cold readings. And then it was the finale week of the module with our last client. Sara told us that she didn’t want to give us much information about the client, simply that we should focus on what this client should be prioritizing over the coming summer.

So I did. And surprisingly, it was about me and my life. I was startled and a bit nervous because almost immediately I panicked that I wasn’t doing it right and how was I going to translate these personal images to the client. But what I saw was one blue knitted baby booty, my fertility drugs (I was several weeks into the process of IVF at the time), and a picture of my Mom (my Dad’s favorite picture) but with a weird shadowed, grey overlay over the picture.

So when Sara asked us to share our reading, I explained what I saw and that maybe the focus for the client should also be on getting pregnant, that maybe s/he was having a boy, and then something about their childhood or family of origin was calling them this summer.

After we had all given our input, Sara then revealed that the “client” she had been holding in her mind was each of us and that we were to use the information for ourselves for what should be our own priorities over the upcoming summer. I laughed and thought it was great fun and wondered at what all the images meant for me.

And then two days later my Mom died- the grey darkness over her picture was explained.

Two months later, I got pregnant with twins – the fertility drugs image was explained.

And despite my initial desire for twin girls (who would hopefully be BFFs), I ended up with boy/girl twins – the image of one blue booty – signifying to me that I was having a boy. For me, the blue booty was a helpful heads up that I was going to be having a boy and to get used to it. (He is such a joy and I laugh now that I was so concerned with getting two girls. They are so perfect together).

Further, because there was just one booty, I see that this image also signified that I was also having a girl.

And now, when I sometimes drift back into my old limiting mindset about what is really out there, I think back to this real “verifiable” reading I had and it continues to give me strength.

What a gift this memory is.

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