It’s been a month since I posted!

Written by Kate • December 2, 2010 •
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Lots going on here. Sorry for the long delay and I know you know how time slips by without quite realizing how long it’s been. I think I’m about two days from the new launch as I get my new logo and theme loaded, tinkered with, and finally released. I have lots of new content behind the scenes so once this goes up, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all of the new content I’ll begin to post.

My plan is to post 3 times a week about Limiting Beliefs, Courage, Personal Development, Enlightenment, being a force for “good” [corny, I know, but important], and concepts along this vein. I also look forward to interacting with you and getting your insights as well.

Thanks for reading and I truly look forward to our next adventure.

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