Written by Kate • September 2, 2010 •
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This past weekend I “got off track”. I had to do some errands, like getting the car inspected, that ended up taking longer than I had anticipated and I ended up not setting up my day, spending it, or ending it as I had intended.  And then it happened again Sunday.  And for me that means that I can’t quite enjoy what I’m doing, even if it’s worthwhile, because I’m not doing what I planned.

Nonetheless, I stayed with it and did not just give up and watch TV or anything else that for me would have been true checking out and going unconscious. I ended my day with the intention to begin again Monday with the things I want to do for the week.

In that past, that recommitment would have included a lot of self-scolding about how I can’t keep to a schedule, that I didn’t spend my week perfectly, and then being very strict with myself. This week, it was a gentle reentry into my desired routine and was very easy. Establishing a pattern helps with that reentry. Recommitting to the task, to the routine, to the new way of life does too.

It’s that recommitment that is the important part. Your life is going to keep on in the stream of time. No matter what you did yesterday, or what you intend tomorrow, now is all we have.  So in this moment, decide again to spend this moment as you mean to and let everything else fall away, especially those voices inside your head.

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