The Seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra

Written by Kate • June 16, 2011 •
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Image thanks to feelreiki

The Seventh Chakra- The Crown Chakra

The last of the seven chakras is known as the Crown chakra. It’s located at the top of your head. The symbol for this chakra is a thousand petal lotus, like a beautiful multifaceted crown. Its function is opening to consciousness, enlightenment, spirituality and faith.  It is associated with the color violet.

This is the eighth of 10 posts on the 7 Chakras System. Here is the first post, an Overview of the 7 Chakras, the second post, the Root Chakra,  the third post, the Sacral Chakra, the fourth, the Solar Plexus Chakra,  the fifth post, the Heart Chakra,  the sixth post, the Throat Chakra, and here is the seventh post, the Third Eye Chakra.

The  crown chakra is the seat of consciousness, the location of our sense of connection with divinity, spiritual, or faith. It connects us to our higher purpose, to our sense beyond ourselves. It helps us understand the spiritual realm and helps us heal the false sense of duality between spirit and our body.  It allows us to transcend the constant chatter of the ego, the monkey mind, the internal committee that is our self -in contrast to our Self, the eternal Self that is connected to the eternal, at the essence of each of us.

Open or Closed

Your crown chakra is closed, opening, or open. It isn’t balanced or not. A closed crown chakra is characterized by a lack of faith, spirituality, or belief in a higher power.

An opening crown chakra can be seen in those who have begun or are on their spiritual journey, be it through prayer, meditation, the journey for enlightenment, devoutness. Those who are looking to live their life’s purpose and step away from the materiality that often characterizes the 20s and 30s for those in Western cultures are opening their crown chakras.

An opened crown chakra can be seen in those who rest in the sacred, who have a near total connection to divinity, who are open to Source/God.


An open or opening seventh chakra can be pursued through a spiritual journey, to connect to the sacred, the divine, and our life’s purpose.

Symptoms of an Open, Partially Open, or Closed Crown Chakra

The following statements are from Sonia Choquette‘s book, True Balance:

  • I have a deep sense of faith.
  • I do not worry often.
  • I sense the God or a divine energy is protecting me.
  • I understand all life experiences have a deep purpose.
  • I know there are no random occurrences, life is not a random event.
  • I follow my internal guidance, even when it doesn’t appear to make sense.

If you answered no to some or many of the above-listed questions, your crown chakra is probably only partially open or is closed.

Ways to Open Your Crown Chakra

Many of the opening methods below are technically simple but can be quite difficult, in practice.


Meditation allows us to quiet the self, to distract the inner chatter, while allowing the true Self to transcend and for us to be truly present in the moment. By continuing to do this through a daily practice, you can begin to connect to the divine.

Pray/Connect to Source

  • Pray. This isn’t begging or asking some totally outside source to “fix” you. This is you blessing yourself, your family, friends, or the world. This is you drawing on your own source of divinity and actively praying and creating what you want to occur.
  • Take a quiet moment and connect to the light by visualizing the light of Source or God filling you up and permeating you down to the ground.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Unfamiliar with EFT? Check out this page to show you the basics, for free. There are many other sites that have a more thorough explanation of the technique but they require you to provide your email address. Your choice!

EFT at the highest level: you first state your concerns and that you deeply love and accept yourself. You then release each of the specific ideas, anxieties, and fears that you are feeling. Then you state affirmations or better ideas that should replace your anxieties and fears and that make you feel better, more empowered by thinking them.

Deeply Love and Accept Yourself

You first touch the karate chop point [as shown on the link] while releasing the block through stating, “Even though I feel _______ [like I have no connection to God, like I’m alone in the world, … etc], I deeply love and accept myself.


Then go through each point tapping three or four times at each point; eyebrow, side of eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the chin, the collar bone, under the breast/ribcage, under arm, and crown – while releasing whatever it is you’re experiencing.

You can go around the tapping circuit a few times until you’ve fully release what you need to.

Starting tapping at the eyebrow and going through each point: I release the feelings that I’m cut off from God, lack of spiritual guidance, feeling like I can either have abundance or a spiritual life, lack of stillness, lack of ability to connect…etc [Keep tapping].

I release all of this from my body. [Keep tapping].

I release from my crown chakra, from my whole body:

less able than others to connect, overlooked by God, cut off from spiritual guidance, unable to meditate, praying isn’t for me, ____ … [fill in whatever you’re feeling that is keeping you from your connection, your spirituality, your divinity -as you keep tapping]


Now you begin replacing the feelings and beliefs you’ve just released through saying affirmations that work for you, while tapping through the entire circuit again.

[Start tapping] I am living my purpose. I am connected to Source/God. I can have money, integrity, and spirituality. I am important to God/Source…  [Fill in what works for you….]

Keep Going

Now that we covered the 7 chakras. In the next post, we’ll look at how to integrate each lesson we learned.

Next up: Pulling It All Together

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